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First Women-in-Business Forum: 

Broad resonance for a significant topic

On Januarz 28, 2015, the German, Austrian and Swiss American Chambers of Commerce in New York organized the first of four events on professional women´s issues to be held in 2015, starting with a panel discussion regarding “Women in Leadership – How to Navigate Global Organizations as a Female Leader” at the offices of A. T. Kearney in Times Square.

In her key note speech, Consul General Brita Wagener referred to the development of the situation of women in leadership over the past years, especially in the German Foreign Service, by presenting the latest statistics and by sharing personal experiences from her own career. In addition, she outlined the crucial importance of role models and described the efforts and measures taken by the German legislature, politicians and employers to increase the still limited number of women in leading positions, such as the fixed quota and the state-funded support system for working parents.

Following up on the key note, the three panelists Anette Heuser, Executive Director of the Washington, D.C. office of the Bertelsmann Foundation, Patricia Schramm, President of the American Swiss Foundation, and Alyssa Pei, Partner with A. T. Kearney´s Financial Services and Americas Lead for Diversity & Inclusion, who generously hosted the event, presented their individual approaches to pursuing their careers as well as reconciling family/after-work-life and a fulfilling job. Encouraged by the concise questions of the moderator Susann Remke, Vice President and Bureau Chief of Hubert Burda Media Inc., they shared their personal points of view regarding the underrepresentation of women in leading positions and emphasized the necessity of mentoring and counseling young women.

Not only the large number of attendees (about 120 women and 8 men), but also the lively Q&A after the panel proved the broad resonance and great interest in this highly up-to-date topic that continued to be discussed at the following networking reception. The diversity of the high-caliber speakers, who were all very committed, passionate and willing to give practical advice to the interested audience, as well as the diversity of the issues raised by the moderator and the public, made this new forum a huge success.

Source: German Mission to the UN, Women-in-Business Forum, Broad resonance for a significant topic, 01/28/2015